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December 12th, 2010

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04:48 pm - Hopefully not the Gate of Horn
Just had a psychodrama dream, where personifications of my various Selves were on a bus shaped boat being hunted by a Thing that devoured us. It attacked first by surprise with only 2 selves suspecting (Paranoia and Imagination?)- the two it devoured first, where it became a keep-off-the-floor game as it attempted to flip over and undermine the chairs and supports we were sheltering on. Pride was the first to harm the creature, setting himself as bait while forming a support beam to prevent others from falling as their chairs rows were sapped. Despair sets in and is listened to before a shared ritual of eating together (stale goldfish, candy LEGO bricks that taste like roses, tiny pumpkin pie fruits) and welcoming the new passengers (who would have boarded by now without these assaults) somehow revitalizes enough of the remaining Mes. Despair and Creativity go fishing with power-line pulled all ST:NG style from the ship walls and Despair immolates self and Monster (hinted at gaining the qualities of the ego-bits it devours) while wading through the progressively deeper water that's leaked aboard.

Then I woke up.

It seemed hinted without deeds that Despair was the Antagonist to the point where I was startled to see him attacked by it.
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Date:December 13th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
Definitely yours is one of the coolest dreams I've ever heard of.

I had a dream in which I was standing in a vast field of waving golden wheat. At some point the sky got dramatically cloudy with just a few holes for sunlight to hit the ground. Next appeared a dozen or so tornadoes, all touching ground at the same time, all situated in a large circle. I was in the center. My thought was - 'Wow, my meteorologist friend should be here to see this!'. The end.

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