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lord_of_entropy's Journal

15 June
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I'm an Unitarian Universalist (uua.org), a role-player, a political activist, and a dirty-hippie. All else is subject to rapid change.

Tempus Fugit.
absurdity, adult swim, aldus huxley, alligators, alternate history, american folklore, art deco, art nouveau, bathroom graffiti, big bathtubs, biking, books, buffy, c-span, camarilla, camping, cartoons, cats, changeling, civil disobedience, civil liberties, cma, collectivism, comic books, comics, communalism, cooking, crawling swamp critters, crocodiles, cthulhu, current affairs, d&d, dialectic process, dialogic process, dinosaur comics, discordians, doctor who, donnie darko, dreams, earth-based spirituality, environmentalism, fantasy, fifth millennium, filk, film noir, folk music, folklore, gaiman, gaming, geeks, guy gavriel kay, h.p. lovecraft, haiku, happy toads, harmless eccentricities, harry potter, history, honey badgers, hugging trees, hugs, hyperion, independent films, intentional communities, invader zim, jon stewart, joseph campbell, kaiju big battel, kipple, larp, liberalism, lip balm, live journal interests, lord of the rings, mage, magical realism, marlowe, marxist-satanic sexual venn diagrams, monkeys, movies, museums, mythology, neil gaiman, nerdcore, nerds, nikola tesla, northern exposure, owlcon, pedantry, philip k dick, pirates, politics, poly, polyamory, pop culture references, post-apocalypse, prachett, protesting, random facts, reading, reading dictionaries, reading everything, religion, renaissance festivals, robert m. pirsig, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpgs, sandman comics, sarcasm, satire, scary go round, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, sf, shiny things, spirituality, star trek, star wars, startrek, steampunk, surrealism, sushi, tabletop, taoism, tea, tea of all kinds, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the daily show, the prisoner, the who, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tim burton, tolkien, travel, trout fishing in america, unitarian universalism, used bookstores, uu, vaudeville, wxaining, yagan's head, zelazny, zoos