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Trayvon Martin - BFSCR

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March 26th, 2012

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01:16 am - Trayvon Martin
I attended the 1st of the 3 rallies happening in Houston today. It was large considering the lead time. I have high hopes for tomorrow afternoon's rally at TSU; I wish I believed that we could start a movement that wiped prejudice away, but I do think we can change society's norms
& laws so that the innocents suffering while we wait for the prejudiced to die approaches zero.

A powerful, personal reaction from Crommunist to Trayvon's death:

"Here’s what got Trayvon killed: he didn’t ‘shuffle his feet’ enough. Trayvon walked home alone and black in a neighbourhood with a zealous watch captain. When he noticed he was being followed, he ‘foolishly’ made the decision to appear less criminal (criminal, incidentally, as defined through a particular lens). He didn’t bow and scrape obsequiously to the man in the truck with the gun, he didn’t pull back his hood to show that he was a nice boy, or put up his hands and surrender to the man who was convinced Trayvon was a criminal. He did what would occur to most people who are followed (and who don’t have the experience of being harassed or victimized) – he got angry. He stood up for his right to walk through his own neighbourhood without being viewed as a gang-banger simply because of his skin colour, age, and gender. He showed the level of self-confidence and pride that is appropriate and commensurate for someone who is innocent but who is treated as guilty by an asshole.

And it got him killed."
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